National Dive League (NDL) - an organization that has developed a large number of unique programs for the training of scuba divers (divers) and freedivers

National Dive League has an extensive system of diving clubs and diving schools, and conducting training scuba diving and freediving in Russia, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other resorts in the world with subsequent certification.
Diving today is common type of active tourism, which anyone can do.
Safety of modern diving and freediving is now at such high level, because training in clubs and schools NDL conducted according to international standards ISO and EN.
By specialists of the National Dive League were developed many courses of diving and freediving, both for amateurs and for professionals, which together constitute a system of training NDL.
The systematic approach in teaching diving is:

1. Textbooks, in which detail is written all the stages of organizing of dives and set out the necessary framework for physics, physiology, diving, snorkelling equipment, general oceanography, practical skills, strict methodical sequence of learning material, etc.

2. The system of certification of divers different levels of training. Certification of scuba diver says about the level of training, experience and maximum depth for the diver. For example, scuba diver, who trained in Moscow or in London arrived in Sharm El Sheikh, Phuket or Koh Tao and as a confirmation of the level of his training shows his international diving certificate - license.

3. Methodological manual for professional instructors. This instructor manual - book in which the summary of lectures and meticulously prescript study plan.

4. The uniform database of certified divers and free divers both for amateurs and professionals.




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19:52 | 14 October 2016 
Diving for people with disabilities. ITC in Vladivostok.

19:52 | 14 October 2016 
Diving for people with disabilities. ITC in Vladivostok.

18:10 | 14 September 2016 
NDL Test-dive


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